• It's My Birthday!

    09. 29. 14.

    Hello loves,

    So today's my birthday! I want to thank all of you who've wished me a Happy Birthday on my social media outlets, you truly helped make this day extra special. It means so much that you all took the time to say your kind words and birthday wishes, especially since we've never met. It's such an amazing feeling to know that I have this internet family of supportive and encouraging women. You continue to put smiles on my face, often times when I'm not having such a good moment or day, I get a tweet or message from one of you telling me how thankful you are for my work. So I wanted to write a post thanking you all for you support, love, and encouragement. I know I always tell you that it means everything, but it really does :)




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  • On Rainy Days, I Wear Pink

    09. 26. 14.

    VEST: Tjmaxx//TOP: Cynthia Rowley (Marshalls)//JEANS: New York & Company (HERE)//SCARF: Charming Charlie//PURSE: Tory Burch//BOOTS: Coach (Marshalls)//BEADED BRACELETS: Gifted by a friend//MONOGRAM BRACELET: c/o Gorjana 

    Hey Babes,

    As many of you know and can see, the blog has gotten a makeover! I'm really excited about it and I hope you are, too! We're still making some changes and updates, so if anything looks a little weird, it's because of that :) Oh, I'm also really excited about the translation option, which can be found at the top right corner of every page on the site. Now, you can read all of my blog posts in over 60 different languages, which makes me really happy, since I know that I have readers from all over the world! 

    As for my outfit, I wore this out shopping with Eddie yesterday. Both of our birthdays are this month, his actually passed (it was two weeks ago), but he wanted to go to the outlet stores to do a little b-day shopping, so he held off until yesterday. It was drizzling on and off, so I decided to break out my pink rain boots. I'm telling you, these boots make me feel so happy and cheerful, even on the most rainy and gloomy days because they're super pretty. I actually feel excited when I know I'll be out in the rain because I can wear them :) I now want a red red pair, so my eyes will be on the look out for a great pair and deal, but these, these are totally fab! 

    I purchased this fur vest about a week ago at Tjmaxx, as well as the burgundy one you all saw in my fur vest video. Remember I told you that I was on the look out for more fur vests a few weeks ago? Well, while strolling through Tjmaxx, I just stumbled upon those two and had to get them, especially since they were only 20 bucks each! This color in particular can be hard to find, especially for a good deal, which is why I had to snag it right away and suppressed any thoughts of holding off. For the outfit, I felt that it looked great with the pink boots and blended well with the leopard printed scarf, although it kind of reminds me more of a tiger's coloring just with leopard spots. 

    Overall, I felt comfy while looking chic on a rainy day, which is always great and surprisingly not so hard to do, as long as you have few eye catching pieces that are practical enough for you to wear all day. So what do you think of the look?


    Thanks for stopping by!


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  • Fall Florals

    09. 23. 14.

    DRESS: Marshalls//PURSE: Tory Burch//NECKLACE: New York & Company//BRACELET: Lucky Brand//SHOES: Nine West (Marshalls)

    Hey Girlies, 

    To continue on with my recent fall fashion posts, I wanted to discuss florals. Many of us associate floral prints with spring, which is understandable, but did you know that you can also wear them during the fall and winter months, too? Yes ma'am! The key to pulling off a seasonally appropriate floral look is to work with pieces that feature the print against a darker base color. As you can see with this dress, the base color is black, which automatically gives a more darker tone to the overall look, making it a great transitional piece from day to night during this time of year. I plan on wearing this dress with black opaque tights and ankle boots as the temperature begins to drop, which I'll most likely feature on here for you all to see. I'm showing you all a dress, but of course this should and could apply to any other piece, such as blazers, blouses, or bottoms. I'm also thinking of recording a video on discussing some of what I mentioned in this post, while showing you other examples, and discussing body shape styling with it, what do you think?! 

    Thanks so much for reading!


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  • DN: Misguided Militant

    09. 22. 14.

    BLOUSE: Marshalls//SKIRT: Marshalls//FRING BRACELET: Kendra Scott//NECKLACE: Athra Luxe//PURSE: Zac Posen (Tjmaxx)//SHOES: Nine West Outlet



    Hello loves, 

    For this week's date night, I decided to wear a mixture of menswear and luxe feminine pieces, for a unique combination. This militant inspired shirt is one of my favorite pieces for fall because I wear it with a variety of different bottoms, such as leggings, jeans, and in this case, a pleated circle skirt. The olive color is perfect for fall and one of my personal favorite colors/tones to wear during this season. To dress up the otherwise casual shirt, I selected this ultra feminine skirt to pair it with. It has some shimmer detailing, making the gold stand out more. It's also in a lady-like tweed fabric, which I love. I was planning on wearing a plain nude shoe, but decided last minute that these two toned half nude, half black pumps, were more interesting. Plus, I've kind of neglected them (they were all the way in the back of my closet!). To further enhance the feminine feel, I wore this Zac Posen purse, which I recently scored at Tjmaxx. It's Eddie's early wedding anniversary gift (our anniversary is Oct. 7th). I love everything about it. The shape, bow detailing, color, fabric, and oh yes, the designer of course! I happen to be a big fan of Zac Posen's work and the opportunity to purchase his purse at the Tjmaxx I've been going to lately is a somewhat rare occurrence. I did spot a black purse about a year ago and still regret not getting it, so I couldn't live with that feeling again by not getting this one! 

    Overall, I love the way the outfit came together. The dominating theme is more feminine, with a hint of a menswear touch. What do you all think? 



    If you're hips are very wide (pear shape) and you don't feel comfortable further exaggerating the width, I'd suggest avoiding a skirt that is this style, a combination of a circle skirt and tweed. Tweed is a bit stiff, making it flare out without the ability to alter it the way you'd like. Instead, go for skater skirt in a nude or beige color to accomplish the same look ;)

    Thanks for stopping by!


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  • How to Style A Fur Vest this Fall

    09. 21. 14.

    Hello ladies,

    This week's video is on a fall staple that many of you know is my favorite during this season and that's the fur vest. I've been wearing them a lot lately and I think they're the perfect way to add interest, texture, and warmth to many outfits. In this video lookbook, I show you three outfits in which I wore and styled a fur vest differently, which I hope gives you some ideas on styling your own this fall. Oh, and in case you're wondering, all of the vests worn are faux ;)


    VEST: Tjmaxx//BLOUSE: Marshalls//LEGGINGS: Nordstrom Rack//HAT: Bcbgeneration (Marshalls)//SHOES: Steve Madden//PURSE: Louis Vuitton Alma GM//RING: Kendra Scott//BUTTERFLY BRACELET: Lucky Brand

    VEST: Steve Madden (Marshalls)//BLOUSE: Piperlime//LEGGINGS: DailyLook//FRINGE BRACELET: Kendra Scott//ANKLE BOOTS: Nine West Outlet//PURSE: Errelleventidue (Tjmaxx)

    TRENCH COAT: Guess Outlet Store//FUR VEST: Tjmaxx//LEGGINGS: DailyLook//SHOES: Steve Madden (Marshalls)//BRACELET: Bcbgeneration (Marshalls)//PURSE: Tory Burch 


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  • Fall Fusion

    09. 18. 14.

    SWEATSHIRT: Lush (Nordstrom Rack)//SCARF: Marshalls//JEANS: New York & Company Soho Jeans (here)//SHOES: Nine West (outlet)//PURSE: Dooney & Bourke (Marshalls)//"BLESSED" BRACELET: BcbGeneration (Nordstrom Rack)//BRACELET: Lucky Brand (outlet)//EARRINGS: Target

    Hey Beauties,

    Today I'm feeling a bit better, although I don't feel 100% my best. I haven't gotten this sick in quite a while now, so it's pretty frustrating, but I guess the change of weather is to blame. Speaking of the change of weather, I decided to create this look which fuses both summer and fall colors and pieces together, which was perfect for a day like today. Since I'm still not feeling well, I wanted to keep a little warm, so I opted for this light-weight sweatshirt, which I sometimes wear during those chilly summer nights. It has a little touch of neon green and zippers on the bottom of the sweatshirt, which I really like. Although neon colors can be worn all year long, I personally tend to wear them most during the summer months (I think they look great with a tan), and it technically still is summer, so why not extend the wear, even though I have a feeling I'll be wearing it again this fall :) 

    To kind of dress the look up a bit more and create a fall-like vibe, I paired the sweatshirt with dark washed jeans, which have a slight fade in them, matching the grey in the sweatshirt perfectly. Darker denim tends to exude fall more, whereas lighter washes tend to be more appropriate for spring and summer. Plus, darker denim has more of a dressier feel to it, so I'd suggest wearing a pair on your next dress down day at work. 

    To add some louder splashes of color, since the neon is so subtle in the sweatshirt, I decided to wear these neon colorblock pumps and added my orange cross-body purse into the mix, since the shoes featured a similar orange color. Lastly, I wanted to add some print and obviously cover my neck area from any chills, so I wore this beautiful paisley printed scarf. It also has touches of orange and in addition, colors that are reminiscent of fall. 

    Overall, I believe this look is a nice fusion between summer and fall, creating a nice transitional look, meeting both halfway. So what do you think of the look?

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  • W3: The Fur Vest

    09. 17. 14.

    Hello Loves!

    You've been reading about my obsession of fur vests for the past few days now. It's a piece that I genuinely love and I highly suggest you get your hands on one and fast, since they're always popular during these fall months and when stores get them, especially in brown, they tend to sell out quickly. Although brown is a common favorite when it comes to vests, black is just as versatile, but has a more classy feel to it, as opposed to the browns, which can have a more casual element, especially when they're in lighter shades of brown. Because of this, it makes for a great addition to your work wardrobe. It can easily take the place of a blazer or cardigan, providing warmth and professionalism, as well as a glam finishing touch! 

    I created this look in hopes of inspiring you when creating a work look centered around a black fur vest, although you can of course wear any color you have or can get your hands on! This look is professional, sophisticated, and down right fabulous, simply because it has the luxurious texture in the fur (we work with faux!), leopard print, and bold red color combination. The polka dotted blouse adds a bit of a retro style, which ties in perfectly with the other chic pieces, working together to create this overall glamorous work look, without being over the top for the office! 

    I hope you like the look and attempt to recreate it on yourselves!


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  • Dex Spring 2015 Launch Event

    09. 16. 14.

    Hello gorgeous ladies, 

    Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity of attending Dex's Spring 2015 launch at the Jane Hotel's Cafe Gitane in NYC! I was very excited because prior to the event, I was somewhat familiar with the brand; I've seen their pieces before, but this time around,  I was able to meet and speak with the owners, Francesco and Natalie, about the heart and brain behind Dex, which I want to share with all of you!

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  • The Fur Vest

    09. 15. 14.

    TOP: Cynthia Rowley//VEST: Willi Smith (Marshalls)//JEANS: New York & Company soho jeans//BOOTS: AMI Clubewear//HAT: Marshalls//PURSE: Dooney & Bourke//RING: Kendra Scott
    Happy Monday!
    One of my favorite fall pieces is the fur vest (I prefer faux). I think it's a great example of a fall essential because it's easy to incorporate into any outfit, as a basic layering piece. Fall fashion is all about layering, since those early fall mornings are generally chilly and as the day progresses, it tends to warm up. What I love about this particular piece is that it can be worn in a variety of ways and with so many different pieces, giving you many looks and styles to play around with. Plus, if you start to feel hot throughout the day, you can take it off and it won't negatively effect or take away from your outfit, which is great!
    In this look, I wore it over a basic white long sleeve paired with jeans and studded combat boots, for a relaxed and causal feel. To add a little extra detail, I added this cute newsboy hat, which I loved with the outfit, especially the vest! I do intend on styling this and other fur vests (I'm on the hunt for some more!) a lot during these next few months, so if you want some inspiration on how to style it, stay tuned! 
    Thanks so much for stopping by :) 



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  • DN: Sultry in Stripes

    09. 14. 14.

    TEE: Max Studio (Marshalls)//BLAZER: Nordstrom Rack//LEGGINGS: Daily Look//NECKLACE: Boutique//PURSE: Marshalls//RING: Kendra Scott//SHOES: Nine West


    Hey Loves!

    For the past few days, I've definitely noticed the weather slowly begin to change; it's been feeling like the start of fall, which is super exciting for me because I love fall fashion! I decided to create a look combining sultry wine and intense black, a duo perfect for a fall transition. To add some pattern to the outfit, I wore a striped tee shirt, which is super comfy by the way, and a croc printed chain purse, which I felt went well together. The berry color of the purse helped to enhance the exotic feel that the croc print emanates, as does the color on it's own. I love the color so much, that I decided to add some more hints of it in my necklace and lip color. 

    What do you think of the look? 


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