• Printed Shorts Taken Up a Notch!

    05. 28. 15.

    Blazer: Charlotte Russe // Tank: Cynthia Rowley (Marshalls// Shorts: Cynthia Rowley (Marshalls// Bracelet: Little Switzerland in Aruba // Shoes: Nine West ( Marshalls)

    Printed shorts are a favorite of mine, especially come summer! They can be dressed up or down, making them a perfect wardrobe staple. Today's post gives you an idea on how you could wear a pair to work or even just to dress up your look. By simply adding a blazer, the look is more refined, yet still fun since, in this case, it has a pop of color. The key to pulling off a pair of printed shorts without being insecure of bringing all the focus to the legs, would in fact be to add a fun top. You could of course pattern mix, as shown in yesterday's post, or add a fun pop of color with a blouse or blazer. This will help the eye focus on the overall look, helping to alleviate some insecurities us women can have sometimes when it comes to our legs, while still experimenting with our look. If you're not a fan of bold colors, you could choose to pull out one of the colors in your shorts and wear a solid blouse that color; I would've worn a white flowy blouse, if I wanted to tone things down. 

    I hope you found this post helpful, below are some printed shorts I'm loving this season. What do you think?!



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  • The Perfect Summer Bag!

    05. 27. 15.




    You all know how much I love color. It's not only because it makes me happy, but also because it adds some pop of fun and interest to a look. The perfect way to add that pop this season is with a purse. I personally favor bags that have a vibrant color in cross body styles. I think that a neon purse looks great in a smaller size as opposed to a larger tote. I never really use to love this style, it has certainly grown on me. It's perfect for those of you who are trying to experiment with color, since it's not overwhelming in it's size. I also think the summer calls for this style, since we tend to be more active and I don't like the idea of walking around lugging around a huge purse. With a cross body, you can still carry your essentials, without feeling weighed down and still have that nice pop of color or print. 

    I selected the purses above as my personal favorites that I'd suggest to you. I just purchased the green Michael Kors one after seeing the same color but different style in store. I wasn't too crazy about the shape and came across the one shown and felt it to be perfect. Which one(s) is your favorite?!  

    Thanks for stopping by!



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  • Bold Mixtures

    05. 26. 15.

    Blouse: Piperlime Collection (gifted// Skirt: Nordstrom Rack // Necklace: Charming Charlie // Bracelet: Little Switzerland (Aruba// Shoes: Steve Madden (Marshalls)

    I absolutely love pattern mixing, especially when there's bright and beautiful colors involved! Even though you can pattern mix all year round, I find it most fun during the summer months. Now that we have unofficially entered into the summer season, I decided to wear this fun, colorful skirt I purchased a few weeks ago. As soon as I saw it, this top, which I already had, came to my mind to pair it with. I love the way they look together, since the skirt has some subtle black and white, it blends perfectly. 

    Do you tend to shy away from pattern mixing, even though you really like the way it looks, because you think it wouldn't look good on you? Well, I'm hear to tell you that regardless of you age or body shape, it WILL! Check out my video, "How to Pattern Mix Like a Pro." In the video, I explain some simple strategies to keep in mind for your shape to ensure that you'll look and feel great in your bold and beautiful look; let's get creative! 



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  • Happy Memorial Day 2015...

    05. 25. 15.




    Happy Memorial Day!

    I want to thank each and every one of you who have served and are serving to protect our freedom here in the United States of America. I truly appreciate the dedication and and sacrifices you and your family have made so that I may enjoy the freedom and liberty I have everyday. This holiday is NOT about a BBQ or about the sales, but about observing you and all those who've served before you. The BBQs and gatherings we have today should be focused on remembrance and gratitude, another Thanksgiving holiday. 

    This is also another day we should remember all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice on that horrific day we shall never forget, 9/11. As a New Yorker, I will NEVER forget that day. I remember so clearly what I was doing and the fear that arose in my body sitting in science class knowing my mom was working in the city and not being able to know at that very moment if she was okay. This is the story of many Americans, not just New Yorkers and so, I also say thank you to those who are in the line of duty and are on call to many emergencies that they are not sure how will end, the first responders. Thank You. 

    As for my dress, I love it! It's from LuLu's and was gifted to me when I attended their New York Fashion Week event this past September. I love how feminine it is in the material and cut. It's one that would truly look exceptional on the apple shape. The reason is because it has more of an empire waistline and the flowy bottom portion of the skirt, which is so figure flattering for this shape. The neckline is great for the pear shape, but I find that empire waist dresses can make our top portions look that much smaller. Even though I don't feel it's the best style for my shape, I wanted to still showcase it to those of you who are apple shapes as an example. This style would not only look great on an apple shape, but on a rectangular shape as well. The reason is that it truly helps to create and redefine the waistline. If you are either of those two shapes and have a long torso, this style will also help to make it appear smaller and your legs longer ;)

    Bye Bra sent me their adhesives to try out and review a little while ago and I felt this dress was perfect to try them out in. I've only worn an adhesive once and they fell off while wearing them, lol! Thank goodness no one was around when they kept falling underneath my dress, but I did not have that experience with these, since they have much more support. Now that summer is almost upon us and we'll be wearing backless or strapless tops, I suggest you give them a try. They even have a video tutorial on how to wear them properly.  

    Below are some options of dresses I'd suggest for either the pear or hourglass shapes that have the same or similar vibe. 

    Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy the rest of this awesome holiday! 



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  • Memorial Day Weekend BBQ Essentials...

    05. 23. 15.


    Happy Saturday!

    Many of you will be traveling this weekend to meet up with loved ones for the Memorial Day weekend, so I thought it would be a great idea to share some of my weekend essentials, specifically for a BBQ. I'm sure many of you will be celebrating the service of our awesome military veterans and those on active duty with a bbq. Some of my picks are pretty straight forward, but there are two products that I wanted to briefly elaborate on. The first one being the lavender spray as a bug repellant. My mom has recently been using different organic and all natural oils. As I was looking through one of the booklets she had on all the different variations, I saw that next to the lavender oil it mentioned that it's a natural alternative for a bug repellant. I found that to be pretty cool, considering I'm so sensitive and I prefer using all natural products because of that. The second product I want to discuss is the Andalou Naturals BB Cream SPF 30. I have been using this brand for over a year now and I love it! My husband uses it as well. I love that the products are infused with fruit stem cells and don't contain any of that harmful chemical based ingredients. I highly suggest you try out their line of products, starting with the BB cream :)

    I hope you all have an awesome weekend and I hope you found this post helpful! 



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