• The Best Nude Shoe Shades for Your Skin Tone & Color

    24 Jul


    Hey Guys!

    This week's video is all about nude shoes and how to select the best shades to match your skin tone and color. In the fashion world, nude shoes have been used when styling to create a lengthening effect to the legs. However...(CLICK READ MORE!!!)

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  • W3: Colorful Pairings

    23 Jul

    Happy Hump Day, Babes!

    For this week's work look, I decided to create a colorful pairing, demonstrating how the use of many colors for the office, doesn't necessarily have to be so overwhelming. Remember in my video...(CLICK READ MORE!!!)

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  • White Out

    22 Jul

    Hey Babes!

    I was in the mood for wearing an all white outfit, which can pose a challenge to us non hourglass or rectangular shaped ladies, since we have to consider balancing out our portions, when in this case, our entire shape is being highlighted...(CLICK READ MORE!!!)

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  • Red & Coral Kisses

    21 Jul

    Hey Girlies!

    I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a good start to the week, so far! For today's look, I wore a coral top that has red, pink, and coral lips all over. I've only worn this top on the blog once and that was about a year ago...(CLICK READ MORE!!!)

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  • DN: Moim, Park Slope Brooklyn, NY

    20 Jul

    Hey Guys!

    It's been such a long time since we've had a date night in Park Slope, Brooklyn, so we decided it was time yesterday (we intend on dining there for a few more date nights for the remainder of the summer)...(CLICK READ MORE!!!)

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  • How to Select the BEST Maxi Dresses & Jumpers for Your Body Shape!

    17 Jul


    Hey Girlies!

    This week's video is on how to select the best maxi dresses and jumpers for your body shape! These pieces are super fun and easy, especially for the summer. Since they highlight our figures, it's important that we're selecting styles that are most suitable for our shapes and after watching this video, you'll know exactly what to look for ;)


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  • W3: The Short Suit

    16 Jul

    Hey Beauties!

    Since we are in summer, it can certainly get hot while working, especially if you're one who's always outside throughout the day. A great way to keep cool and look fashionably appropriate at work would be to opt for a short suit. Of course you want to select a pair of shorts that's appropriate for your work setting...(CLICK READ MORE!!!)


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  • Water in the Dessert

    15 Jul

    Hey Girlies!

    I created this look centered around a dessert theme. Although the dress is grey and white, I feel that with the combination of nude and gold, it gives off a very earthy and dessert night inspired vibe...(CLICK READ MORE!!!)

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  • Pink Lady

    14 Jul

    If you remember in my video that went up two weeks ago on What the Color in Our Outfits Really Mean, I mentioned that pink is considered and viewed as a romantic color, while blue denotes honesty or trustworthiness...(CLICK READ MORE!!!)


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  • DN: Mexican:2

    13 Jul


    Hello Ladies!

    So we're at the end of the weekend, huh...well, let's take the time and make it our business to think our way ahead by having a positive perspective about this upcoming week, shall we?! (CLICK READ MORE!!!)

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